Tourism and the SDGs 

Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals - Journey to 2030, recently published in December 2017, aims to build knowledge, empower and inspire tourism stakeholders to take necessary action to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable tourism sector by alighning policies, business operations and investments with the SDGs. The publication highlights the links between tourism and the SDGs and provides recommendations on how to steer the road towards 2030. 



Tourism for Development in Least Developed Countries

Tourism is a key sector for trade development for many LDCs as highlighted in 45 out of 48 Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies analyzed for the joint UNWTO-ITC-EIF report, Tourism for Sustainable Development in Least Developed Countries.  This report provides concrete guidance on how to better harness the role of tourism for sustainable development and realize the 2030 Agenda for the prosperity of people and the planet through trade policies



Tourism and Trade 

The ITC and UNWTO joint report, Tourism and Trade: A Global Agenda for Sustainable Development exemplifies complementary expertise of two organizations on critical issues at the intersection of the international policy context, government action, and private actors in the tourism sector. The report outlines Tourism's huge potential for job growth and sustainable development justifies a  greater share of aid and coordinated export strategies.