Strategic Partnerships - ITC

International Trade Centre (ITC) and UNWTO 



Since the UNWTO General Assembly in Colombia in September 2015, ITC and UNWTO have entered a formal strategic partnership to build upon the two organisations' resources and competencies and to share perspectives in the process of rethinking a joint approach to Aid for Trade (AfT) in tourism.

The partnership also aims at having a more integrated and innovative approach of tourism development for inclusive growth, leading to the achievement of all dimensions of sustainable development within the 2030 Agenda. 

UNWTO and ITC are cooperating within the context of their respective mandates, policies, resources and instruments, in the implementation of activities and projects in any of the following areas: 

  • Advocacy and mainstreaming 
  • Member states support in project development and implementation and resource mobilization
  • Joint resource mobilization for AfT and ODA 
  • Joint Research and Development                                                   

The joint ITC and UNWTO report exemplifies complementary expertise of two organizations on critical issues at the intersection of the international policy context, government action and private actors in the tourism sectors. The report outlines Tourism's huge potential for job growth and sustainable development justifies a greater share of aid and coordinated export strategies. 

For more information, please find below: 

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