Pledge #TravelEnjoyRespect for World Tourism Day 2017

22 Sep 17
Dear friends,
On the occasion of the #WTD2017 we need your help in reaching at least 250 supporters by 27 September,
that is why we are asking you to take the pledge to #TravelEnjoyRespect  by sharing this message:
“As 1 of the 1.2 billion travellers, I pledge to join the #IY2017 & #WTD2017 global movement to #TravelEnjoyRespect “ 
If you would like to share this campaign, you can find the material (images, samples tweets and posts) here  
Hashtags: #WTD2017 #IY2017 #TravelEnjoyRespect #SDGs
UNWTO Facebook, Twitter  Instagram     IY2017  FacebookTwitter  Instagram for further information.
Thank you very much for your collaboration.
Happy #WTD2017